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SandRid Natural Psyllium-Durvet
SandRid is an apple and molasses flavored 100% psyllium pellet with high swell volume to help encapsulate and remove sand and dirt from the intestinal tract. It supports healthy gut function by helping reduce the possibility of sand colic. It is bestfed one week per month as a purge to remove dirt and sand from the gut in volume. This bulk forming laxative of psyllium hydrophilic mucilloid should be part of a regular equine preventative care program. Directions for use:Adult horse (1000lbs): Administer 1 to 1.5 scoops daily for one full week out of every month. Give less to ponies, yearlings and foals; more to larger horses and draft breeds. Can be given during or after meal time. Scoop included, equals 5.2 ounces.
Price:  $26.50
- SandRid Natural Psyllium 5lb Pail
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10720 SandRid Natural Psyllium 5lb Pail - (Pricing based on PL) | (*Special Order*)
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