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Cow Life Cattle Rub-PH White Co.
Proven on millions and millions of cattle. It's simple! Just hang the 10ft. Rub and pour on about 2 gallons of insecticide solution. The Rub does the rest and many users treat it less than once a month.Following are a few insecticide mixes for The Rub: Durvet Permethrin 10%, Permethrin 1% Pour-On, Permethrin 1% Synergized Pour-On and Prozap Backrubber. Diesel fuel is usually an excellent carrier for mixing with the insecticides as is mineral oil;however,always follow label directions. A hand sprayer with the spray tip removed is a great way to treat the rubs.
Price:  $29.99
3+:  $29.99
- Cow Life Cattle Rub 10ft.
Item # Description Quantity
183822 Cow Life Cattle Rub 10ft. - (Pricing based on EA)
Price:  $16.95
- Cow Life Cattle Rub 5ft.
Item # Description Quantity
236197 Cow Life Cattle Rub 5ft. - (Pricing based on EA) | (*Special Order*)
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