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Cydectin Pour-On for Beef & Dairy Cattle-Boehringer Ingelheim
For the treatment and control of infections and infestations of internal and external parasites of cattle. CYDECTIN (moxidectin) offers a persistent kill of internal parasites at multiple stages, including the most economically damaging parasite, Ostertagia ostertagi (brown stomach worm). Controls external parasites including lice, grubs, psoroptic (scabies) and chlorioptic (tail-head) mange mites. Purple dye in the pour-on makes it easy to see which animals have been treated. Zero milk withhold. Zero slaughter withdrawal. Approved for use in lactating dairy cows. Dosage: 1ml for each 22lbs of body wieght. 1 liter will treat 20-1100lb animal. Non-hazardous shipping.1 FREE applicator with 4 2.5-liters, 2 5-liters or 1 10-liter.
Price:  $338.50
- Cydectin Pour-On 5-liter-needs applicator
Item # Description Quantity
4325397 Cydectin Pour-On 5-liter-needs applicator - (Pricing based on EA)
Price:  $75.65
- Cydectin Pour-On 500ml w/dosage chamber
Item # Description Quantity
4325362 Cydectin Pour-On 500ml w/dosage chamber - (Pricing based on EA)
Price:  $106.25
- Cydectin Pour-On 1-liter w/dosage chamber
Item # Description Quantity
4325370 Cydectin Pour-On 1-liter w/dosage chamber - (Pricing based on EA)
Price:  $230.45
- Cydectin Pour-On 2.5-liter-needs applicator
Item # Description Quantity
4325389 Cydectin Pour-On 2.5-liter-needs applicator - (Pricing based on EA)
Price:  $646.99
- Cydectin Pour-On 10-liter-needs applicator
Item # Description Quantity
4325419 Cydectin Pour-On 10-liter-needs applicator - (Pricing based on EA)
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