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Starbar QuikStrike Fly Abatement Strips Pak/2
Unique, self-contained product designed to hang above fly forage areas, out of reach of animals, children and routine cleaning operations. It uses a new insecticide Nithiazine plus a potent attractant to achieve rapid kill of nuisance flies, house flies and little/lesser house flies from a 300 sq. ft. area. Can be hung either horizontally or vertically. Kills flies within seconds andlasts up to 8 weeks. Triple-attraction formula with two feeding attractants and a fly sex pheromone. Flies will land on the station and begin exploring the surface. Once the flies locate the sugar, they will begin feeding. Shortly after feeding, the flies will begin to die. The product contains 1 attractant container on the fly bait station. Crush the attractant container at time of application. This attractant has a strong odor.
Price:  $19.99
- Starbar QuikStrike Fly Abatement Strips Pak/2
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4566491 Starbar QuikStrike Fly Abatement Strips Pak/2 - (Pricing based on EA) | (*Special Order*)
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