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Guardian Scours Vaccine - Merck
A multiple antigen product which includes a cell-free extract of K99 pilus type of Escherichia coli, a unique combination of two inactivated coronaviruses, two G-types of inactivated rotaviruses and a bacterin-toxoid from Clostridium Types C and D. It is recommended for use in healthy heifers and cows as an aid in the prevention of neonatal calf diarrhea caused by enterotoxigenic E. coli type K99 and bovine Group A rotaviruses and enterotoxemia caused by C. perfringens Types C and D andas an aid in the control of neonatal calf diarrhea caused by bovine coronaviruses. DOSAGE: Using aseptic technique, inject healthy pregnant cattle with 2 mL subcutaneously 3 months priorto calving. Repeat in 3 - 6 weeks following initial vaccination. For subsequent calvings, revaccinate with a single 2 mL dose 5 - 7 weeks before calving.
Price:  $46.45
- Guardian® Scours Vaccine 20ml-10dose
Item # Description Quantity
5006829 Guardian® Scours Vaccine 20ml-10dose - (Pricing based on BTL)
Price:  $232.45
- Guardian® Scours Vaccine 100ml-50ds
Item # Description Quantity
5006828 Guardian® Scours Vaccine 100ml-50ds - (Pricing based on BTL)
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