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LIFELINE Intervene 15.9oz
A nutritional supplement for calves suffering from scours or other stress related problems. One carton of Intervene contains a 5-day plan for 1 calf that helps establish normal intestinal health, replenishes lost fluids and provides energy thecalf needs to get back on track fast. Intervene contains natural globulin proteins, electrolytes*, vitamins and minerals that get calves focused on growing instead of on scouring. *Do not feed additional electrolytes to the calf while feeding Intervene. Simply mix one Intervene pouchinto 2 quarts of warm water and stir until the powder dissolves completely. Bottle feed the entire mixture to the calf. Feed Intervene 2 times daily for 5 days. The calf should be fed its regular milk or milk replacer feedings while it is on Intervene.
Price:  $16.85
- LIFELINE Intervene 15.9oz
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