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Vetericyn Feline Wound & Infection Treatment
Vetericyn's FDA cleared technology works naturally with your cat's body to mimic its own immune system response to wound and infection. Increases the oxygen supply to the wound promoting rapid healing, killing the bacteria which eliminates the odor. Kills 99.9999% of most bacteria, fungi and viruses (including MRSA) in just 30 seconds. Does not sting or irritate. Safe to use around eyes and mouth. Does not harm healthy tissue. Safe as water.Used to treat cuts, scratches, ringworm, hot spots, ear and eye infections, rain rot, skin rashes, cinch fungus, skin infections, abscess sites, burns, post-surgical sites, etc. Simply spray on. Vetericyn cleans, treats and heals, all in one step.
Price:  $16.50
- Vetericyn Feline Wound & Infection Treatment 8oz Pump Bottle
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851003 Vetericyn Feline Wound & Infection Treatment 8oz Pump Bottle - (Pricing based on BTL) | (*Close-Out*)
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