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Fluid Feeder w/Plastic Probe-2-Quart Crimp Style 50PLFF
Provides a practical, easy-to-use tool for providing fluids and nourishment to calves that can't or won't nurse. The 24-inch flexible esophageal probe is the correct size for calves, and if used properly, the probe's size and shape do notallow it to be inserted into the trachea, reducing the danger of getting fluid into lungs and drowning the calf. The easy-to-handle 2-quart tube makes using the Fluidfeeder a simple, one-person operation. Crimp valve allows easy control of fluid; rate of flow is slow enough to cause the calf to form saliva freely, which is necessary for proper digestion. Durable plastic probe resists burs thatcan cut the throat and cause infection; heavy-duty tube resists punctures and tears and remains flexible down to 0 degree F. (-18 degrees C.). Bottle collapses without venting, and check valve keeps air out as liquid leaves the bottle. Bottle, tube, and probe are easy to clean.
Price:  $13.85
- Fluid Feeder w/Plastic Probe-2-Quart Crimp Style 50PLFF
Item # Description Quantity
135623 Fluid Feeder w/Plastic Probe-2-Quart Crimp Style 50PLFF - (Pricing based on EA)
Price:  $2.34
- Nipple Attachment 101NA
Item # Description Quantity
139823 Nipple Attachment 101NA - (Pricing based on EA)
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