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One Shot-Zoetis
One Shot® is a bacterin-toxoid for vaccination of healthy cattle as an aid in preventing bovine pneumonia caused by Mannheimia haemolytica type A1. One Shot is an inactivated, freeze-dried product prepared from whole cultures propagated to increase the production of leukotoxin and capsular and cell-associated antigens. A sterile diluent containing adjuvant to enhance the immune response is used to rehydrate the freeze-dried bacterin-toxoid.Contains leukotoxoid to neutralize lung-damaging leukotoxins. Give 2 ml SQ. A booster is recommended whenever subsequent stress orexposure is likely. Considered safe in cattle of all ages. Killed product, requires mixing.
Price:  $18.90
- One Shot 5 DS
Item # Description Quantity
4290038 One Shot 5 DS - (Pricing based on BTL)
Price:  $31.65
- One Shot 10 DS
Item # Description Quantity
4290046 One Shot 10 DS - (Pricing based on BTL)
Price:  $151.54
- One Shot 50 DS
Item # Description Quantity
4290062 One Shot 50 DS - (Pricing based on BTL)
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