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Re-Sorb Oral Electrolyte-Zoetis
Re-Sorb is a readily absorbed source of fluids and electrolytes.It is a convenient and effective means of increasing absorption of water,energy sources,and electrolytes. Re-Sorb is indicated for use in the control of dehydration associated with diarrhea (scours) in calves, including veal calves. Re-Sorb may be used by the livestock owner as an early treatment at the first signs of scouring. It may also be used as follow-up treatment for the dehydrated calf following intravenous fluid therapy. Re-Sorb, because of its ready source of fluid and electrolytes, makes it an ideal first feed (upon arrival) for newly purchased or severely stressed calves. Add the contents of 1 packet(both sides) to 2 quarts of warm water. Stir until dissolved. Feed 2 quarts of solution twice daily for 2 days(4 feeding). No milk or milk replacer should be fed during this period. For the next 4 feedings (day 3&4) use 1 quart of Re-sorb mixed with 1 quart of milk or milk replacer.
Price:  $38.86
- Re-Sorb Oral Electrolyte Box/12-2.26oz pkgs
Item # Description Quantity
48267 Re-Sorb Oral Electrolyte Box/12-2.26oz pkgs - (Pricing based on BOX) | (*Special Order*)
Price:  $2.81
72+:  $2.60
- Re-Sorb Oral Electrolyte Pail/72-2.26oz Packets
Item # Description Quantity
47376 Re-Sorb Oral Electrolyte Pail/72-2.26oz Packets - (Pricing based on PAK)
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